Saturday, April 28, 2012

Moving On

I'm sitting here, in an almost empty house, on a rare quiet morning (Luna is actually sleeping in (!) with Febri)... and it's all hitting me.  It will be hard to say goodbye to this house.  This weekend we're moving, and while I'm so excited about what we gain, I'm feeling emotional about what we lose.  I laid in bed this morning watching the filtered sunlight stream through the curtains and fill the room with a golden's soooo beautiful... and I remembered when Febri and I painted that room, and then I thought about how perfect the wall color is with the curtains - and how peaceful it is to sleep there with my family.  And, I know we can paint another room and make it just as lovely, but it's the energy that's here... and the memories.  We've only been in this house a year and a half, maybe it's being a parent... I don't know.  Luna was just a babe when we moved in - barely a year old.  We didn't have furniture for months, and then we carefully selected each piece to fit the narrow rooms and match the character of these walls that house us.  Luna has said over and over during this process that she doesn't want to move, that she loves this home.  This is the only home she's ever *really known... she's learned so much under this roof.... ah, again - the memories.

Our new home is awesome.  We have an amazing yard - overgrown with an array of plants and flowers - which means we have some work ahead of us, but also a magical world to discover - Luna's already met ladybugs, caterpillars, birds, and squirrels in passing... and we're just blocks from a marshy wildlife preserve... and I'm thrilled that Luna will get to know nature this way.  We also have a fireplace - which takes me back to life with Febri before babies - a home we had where we loved lazing in front of the warm fire on rainy winter nights in PDX... and we're looking forward to that warmth again.    We have a dedicated play room, an office, a sewing room (yay!)... more space to LIVE and LOVE and BE.

It's bittersweet.