Monday, February 22, 2010

here's squeakin' at you, kid

lots of new-ness around here...which i guess can be expected with a newborn in the house.
this week luna had her first encounter with a stranger who made her cry. we were in whole foods getting rice in the bulk isle. luna was happily taking in the sites from the safety of the sleepy wrap when a woman walked up to us and commented on how beautiful she thinks mixed race babies are ~ luna being no exception. ok, i said thank you - and she asked if she could touch luna on the outside of the wrap...i appreciated her asking. it surprises me how many people will just up and touch a baby...their hands, their cheeks...i know babies are cute, but come on people - what germs are you passing on to my knuckle-sucking little babe? anyway, i told her to go ahead and touch away (she wasn't touching luna after all). but then, she let loose into full on baby talk...calling luna a "yum yum head" and other things just as ridiculous that i can't remember now...finally luna just started screaming, letting the whole grocery store know of her disapproval. febri and i smiled, and calmed luna down - and the lady apologized and went on her way. i don't blame luna...that sort of thing doesn't happen every day. up until now, it has been all smiles for everyone she meets. after that incident though, i braced myself every time someone wanted to say hi to luna, thinking the tears might burst free again...but, they didn't...again - just smiles. my cute babe!

luna got her first teether toy - the infamous sophie giraffe. she loves it! febri and i, not knowing what teether is better than the next, decided to just go with the popular one. we're happy we did - it's so cute to see luna smile and laugh when she sees sophie and hears her squeak. it's torture, though, for poor namaali - lover of squeaky toys. first, we have a baby who gets all the attention ... and now, she gets the new squeaky toys too. but, i have to say - this amazing dog - she has been very respectful of luna's right to also own a squeaky toy. however, we're careful not to leave sophie within doggy reach when we leave the house....

luna also got some new clothes! in case you forgot, we thought luna was a boy while she was still in the womb. we bought clothes that were suitable for a boy...though not the dump truck, doggy, and tool chest kind of boy clothes... just cute 'boy colored' clothes - that could be worn on a girl...just in case. so, luna has been wearing some super cute clothes...only, everyone she meets thinks she's a boy - just because her pants are blue. so...since she's grown out of so many of her boy's apparel line, we bagged up the too-small clothes, and made a trip to the consignment shop. it was SO much fun shopping in the girls section! we found some great bargains - and with the trade in, it all only cost a couple bucks. i'll post pictures of this sweet little girl (sometimes still called a boy) in her new duds soon!

until then, all is well in luna's land.....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2 months...where's the pause button?

yesterday i visited my friend crystal. she's over-due, at 41 and a half weeks, with her first babe. she's holding up wonderfully, and it was a pleasure to see her in all her beauty and abundance ~ it took me back to how those final days before labor felt. the fullness, the excitement, the anticipation...

how can it be that 10 weeks have passed since i was in crystal's shoes? my little girl is over two months old now...she's growing up so fast already!! everyone warns you how the time will is flying, and i'm sure it will continue blaze past.

luna is on a roll in the development department. it's so amazing to watch her learn and discover the ways her body works, and it's beautiful to witness her reactions to the world around her. she is finally giving namaali some attention - and luna's hands and feet are also frequently acknowledged.

at 2 months:

*luna seems to really enjoy tummy-time. i think she likes the workout. she hasn't quite mastered the art of rolling...but she sure is getting close.

*she's becoming a pro at head control. i'm so excited to be able to hold her differently in the wrap ... but i want to give it a few more weeks ....

*luna now has a bedtime - and it's WONDERFUL. she's eased right into this routine and she will generally sleep 7-8 hours before she's ready to eat, then another 3 hours. it's been great for febri and i - we are able to have some time together to connect again apart from luna...not to mention the extra sleep time.

*she loves to stand while being supported...her legs are really strong, and she kicks them wildly about while lying on the floor. she's also taken to kicking me awake at night...i'm not sure if i prefer kicks or cries....hmmm?

*luna is discovering more and more sounds everyday.. and laughing at new sounds she hears from us... we seem to greatly amuse her, which of course amuses us in return. and conversations with this girl are becoming quite lengthy...she's a talker!

*she is pretty much only in 3-6 month clothes now, and her hats actually fit her head rather than falling over her eyes.

we continue to be the proud parents that we are, and we delight in time spent with this gorgeous growing babe. i finally caught that brilliant smile on film:

and here are a few more cuts from a typical day in luna's life:

the adventure continues.....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

life is beautiful

what do i feel this very my life?


i woke this morning to a beautiful baby on my right side and a handsome man on my left side...all 3 of us, snuggled together in a fluffy, soft, warm bed. luna slept almost 7 hours straight last night..that's a record! so we're all (including namaali) well rested today. after having her morning milk at 6am, luna nestled in bed with me as we watched the amazing man we call 'papa' get ready for work. i thought to myself how perfect life was at that exact happy i felt to be rested, and warm, and loved...and surrounded by the ones i love. so simple a moment - and yet, so right.

through his actions, febri perpetually reminds me why i fell for him...and why i continue to every day. not only is he an incredible man - going above and beyond what i expect from a partner, but he is an exceptional father as well. seeing him with luna melts my heart... every time.